DAAD scholarship

The DAAD scholarship

Whats DAAD..??

If you are in an IIT (applies to many branches of B.Tech & M.Tech) and you top the class with good CGPA… you get a chance to go to Germany (Deutschland) and do your project in a university over there in your third year (B.tech)/second year (M.tech) (for over 8 months)…

v  Exposure to German Technology.
v  Work under more than one professors (Indian & German).
v  Stipend will be given in Germany.
v  You will have people from all over the world with you over there (US, Europe, Middle East and Far East countries).

v  You have to bare your travel expenses.
v  Your time may be insufficient to finish you project.
v  You will lose your Placements here in India.(for M.techs only --Placements in IITs will start in December..you may return in April-May the following year).

for details visit - www.daaddelhi.org/en  &   www.daad.de/en

My Comment:
Just go out there man. Its a life time opportunity to study there. Meantime you will also get time to visit other countries of Europe (France,Netherlands).
But, to be there -- be in an IIT--beat the topper...


Softwares for Electrical Engineers

Which software should I learn….??

What softwares are good to learn for Electrical Engineers?
There are many handy softwares for You, but….Again the question arises…

Which software should I learn….??

Find out your necessity to learn that software….

*      Simulation tools
This tool is used to build a circuit with the software any simulate it to find out various parameters like voltages current etc
·         OrCAD Capture or PSPICE
·         PSIM
·         Genesys
·         Microcap
·         LTSPICE
·         PSCAD  ( Power system CAD)

*      Schematic tools
These tools make schematic of the circuit.
These tools are very helpful in making the BOM files and prerequisites for making the layout.
·         OrCAD Capture
·         PCAD
·         Altium DXP

*      PCB layout tools
These tools are used to make the GERBER files which you send it to get the PCB.
·         OrCAD layout
·         PCAD
·         Altium DXP (360° - 360° rotation with 3D view).

*      FPGA & DSP Development and Synthesis tools
Tools for programming the FPGA or DSP…for your hardware setup...This is very interesting topic.
·         Xilinx Design Suite for Xilinx Spartan, Virtex FPGAs
·         Actel Design suite for Actel FPGA
·         Altera Design suite for Altera Cyclone, Stratix FPGAs
·         Code composer Studio IDE for Texas Instruments family of DSPs

*      Mathematical tools
Matlab is a very good tool for mathematical simulations.
Mathematic Analysis of any physical function
Bode Plots, tuning of PID controller parameters etc can be easily done...

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MNCs for your branch of Engineering...

Not campus placed in IIT, NIT, or any Premier institute…?   Nothing to worry about...
Apply directly to the company in their career page. But what company to apply for..?
Some suggestions for your branch...

Deutsche Bank – open to all branches
ITC                      – Chemical, Mechanical, Agricultural and Food, Electronics. Electrical Engg.
Microsoft IDC    - CS (B.Tech, M.Tech, Dual degree), IT
Rio Tinto             - Mining, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical Engg.
Schlumberger    - open to all
Bank Bazaar       - open to all
Epic                     - CSE, B.Tech, Dual Degree & M.Tech
EBay                    - B.Tech: CS / EC / EE Dual Degree: CS M.Tech: CS/ IT
PayPal                 - Open to most Engineering branches (mostly computers, IT)
Qualcomm India- EC, EE and CSE
Yahoo Software Development - CS, MA, EE and ECE
Flipkart                - open to all
General Electric - Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil (only Dual degree & M.Tech)
NetApp                - CSE, ECE, IT Dept. B.Tech. Dual and M.Tech.
ZS Associates      - Open to all, apart from AG, GG, etc.
Airbus Engineering Centre India - civil mechanical and aerospace (only dual & M.Tech)
Cisco Systems     - CS, EC, EE, IE, MA
CTS                       -   ALL
Symantec            - B.Tech. : CSE Dual Degree: CSE M.Tech: CSE 5 Yr. Int. M.Sc.: Mathematics &
                             Computing / Statistics & Informatics
IBM (ISL)              - ECE, CS
I-runway              - ALL
Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering Company Ltd. 81
                                                EE with Instrumentation / EC with Telecommunication/ IM/ ME with Manufacturing. Science & Engineering / Manufacturing Science with Industrial Engineering and Management / NA . MF,IEM(Management Trainee Profile) OENA
Reliance Industries Ltd. - CH, EE, IE, ME, MT
Tata Steel             - M.Tech and DD of ME (all), IM, MT
Tata Motors Limited -
IRS                           - NA, CE
Mahindra and Mahindra - ME, AG
Wipro                    - ALL
Deloitte                  - ALL
General Motors    - ME all specializations (M.Tech only)
Snapdeal               - ALL B.Tech & Dual Degree
Hero Motocorp    - M.Tech with Mechanical Systems Design and Thermal Engg.
Infotech Enterprises - OE&NA, Aerospace, MF, ECE with VLSI
IBM (GBS)              - ALL
ABB                        - EE (Power Electronics)
Schnieder Electric - EE (All specializations)
Siemens                  - EE

These companies visit the top institutes often or seldom.
Try your luck with any of them….All the best…
Do give your suggestions below…will update…

Which IIT...What Branch....EEE..??

Finished your B.TECH in EEE / Electrical Engineering??

Want to go for higher Education?
Which specialization to choose in M.TECH Electrical Engineering?

Here is some information for you.
I have not mentioned about IISc, and other IITs.
First you must know what all branches are there under electrical engineering in the premier IITs.
(Regular Full time courses only)
Course offered in Electrical Engineering
Machine Drives & Power electronics
17 – 20

Power Systems
17 – 20

Control Systems
17 – 20

Power & control

20 - 25
(link opens pdf)

Power electronics & Power systems

Control & Computing

Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and
Power Systems
Control and Automation

Power Electronics & Power systems
Control & Instrumentation

Power and Control (started July 2010)

Power Electronics & Electric Drives
18 – 21

Power system Engineering

Note: the seats mentioned are not fixed. They include candidates through GATE, QIP, Sponsored
One need not worry as the quota for QIP, Sponsored is separate.
Source: various websites

Top Priority in any of these specialization again depends on the person, but if you want to be with the trend today then

Power Electronics & Drives comes 1st
Power Systems
Control systems.

All these IIT s are good and have good placements, but in my opinion the priority is 
Bombay, Madras, Delhi, Kanpur, Khargur, Rourkee, Guwahati.
But, again it varies from course to course and IIT to IIT. 
I have just told you about the scenario.

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